We are the world’s largest Car Wash company and every year we wash over 30 million cars in 13 countries. Since we began we have washed over 800m cars throughout the world. We offer a consistent quality car wash at great value for money at over 836 locations around the world. In the UK we trade as ARC and IMO in the rest of the world. IMO Car Wash Group is the largest dedicated car wash company in the world and was founded in Germany in 1965. The group has expanded to include over 322 sites in Germany, 281 in the UK and over 230 sites throughout the rest of Europe and Australia. The IMO experience offers quality, speed and value for money through a unique conveyor wash system which can wash up to 4 cars at a time, with guaranteed results every car

The IMO system has been continually developed and improved over the years to maximize the Quality of our wash and this is shown by the fact that we have washed over 800 Million cars so far, end to end that’s enough to go to the moon and back 5 times.

Using state of the art conveyor technology we can wash a car in under 2 minutes and wash up to 4 cars at a time but still delivering outstanding results consistently.

We offer a variety of programmes to suit your needs all of which offer unbeatable value. Every programme includes a wheel wash and dry as standard which you wont find in many other washes.

Every site is manned by a trained and certified operator who is there to ensure the best results and to take care of any issues you have. Every car receives a manual high pressure pre wash and wheel clean which removes all the surface dirt and grime and allows the chemicals to really do their job.

Our machines are all manufactured in Germany and are designed to clean every angle of the vehicle carefully and precisely.

Soft clean technology brushes remove any other dirt and grime from the vehicle and our turbo driers remove any excess water to leave your car spotless
Our chemicals are all biodegradeable and provided by Autoglym the world leader in car cleaning products.