Attention to Detail

Every part of the IMO process has been carefully thought through to deliver optimum results every time you wash your car and we are constantly developing new and improved ways to produce the best results

From the moment you enter an IMO car wash you can be sure that we have thought of everything.

The high pressure pre wash and manual wheel clean, the Hogs hair brushes that our operators use and the special dirt  filters , the specially formulated chemicals are just some of an exhaustive list  of factors that make the IMO system unique

We were the first to develop and Introduce triple foam into all our markets to improve and enhance the shine on the paintwork.

We have more brushes than other washes and they rotate in different ways to cover all the areas of the car.

We introduced Scented and longer lasting wax with water repellant qualities to maximize the finish and have recently introduced Pro shield , the first automatically applied Polymer sealant which not only protects the paintwork but improves the shine for longer.

So when we say ‘Attention to detail from the wheels up’  we really do mean what we say