Our Car Washes Don’t Cost The Earth

The Environment

Caring for the environment is high on our agenda and that’s why we meet all local and international standards in the areas where we operate.

We meet all country specific environmental regulations and have achieved local accreditation from the UK Washmark association for meeting the most stringent environmental.

Our washes are designed to use a maximum of 200 litres of fresh water per car and after each wash we recycle over 85% of the water to minimize our impact on the environment. Compare this with the 400 litres either washing your car by hand or at an unauthorized hand wash its clear to see why we are good for the environment.

60% of all motorists who wash their cars by hand believe that they use only 50 litres of water but all the water that runs off the vehicle finds its way eventually into the rivers and streams with all the harmful deposits included.

We take the waste water and treat it to remove all the harmful deposits , these are all disposed of carefully and through environmentally approved contractors .


The Price

IMO wash prices are typically the lowest in the areas where we market. We offer value for money across the full programme range and our prices typically start at £2 for a basic wash , manual wheel clean and dry.

So you can be sure that with IMO your not only saving money but helping the environment at the same time