Get the ultimate protection and high gloss finish with Ceramic XTR

September 22nd, 2022, IMO - the world’s favourite car wash, announces the launch of their best protection car wash yet. Developed for people who love their cars, Ceramic XTR has been carefully created using the latest surface technology and innovative ingredients which, in conjunction with our hand made, soft foam brushes, combine to provide a showroom shine and surface protection that lasts.

Kind on your car, tough on dirt, Ceramic XTR from IMO is the most durable paint protection car wash we have ever released. Throughout its development our experts have continuously developed the formulation, to produce an extreme ceramic coating with a high gloss finish.

Adam Green, Managing Director (UK), said, “Our Ceramic XTR is yet another innovation that we are extremely proud to present to car lovers for the first time in Dunfermline, Scotland ahead of its international launch in 2023. The formulation has been perfected to the point where just one wash gives your car up to one months protection and can be used on paint, plastic trim, wheels, and glass”.

Ceramic XTR from IMO absorbs harmful UV rays, protects against road grime and salt, mud, pollen, acid rain and bird droppings.  Ceramic XTR translucent coating is also guaranteed to work on all vinyl wraps, paint protection films, carbon fibre and powder-coated surfaces.

In order to prepare your car for the treatment, every Ceramic XTR car wash from IMO  includes a hand pre-wash, body, wheel and chassis wash, Triple Foam shampoo, alloy spa, body wax, tyre dressing, chassis wax and Pro Shield, all of which enhance the performance even further, increasing durability to its full potential and ensuring your car looks its best.

Key benefits

Ceramic XTR protects against harmful UV rays, road grime and salt, mud, pollen, acid rain and bird droppings. 




What is Ceramic XTR?

Ceramic XTR from IMO offers outstanding protection, gives a stunning glass-like finish and is incredibly durable. It contains amino-functional siloxanes and reactive polymers that adhere strongly to your car’s paintwork, creating a semi-permanent protective coating on exterior paintwork and colour co-ordinated plastics.

How is Ceramic XTR different from other IMO protect and enhance products?

Ceramic XTR from IMO is our first semi-permanent ceramic coating. Consequently, it requires a high level of automatic application as the finish is sealed by the coating.  Wash programmes like Pro-Shield and Ultra HD offer protection, but not on same scale or length of time as Ceramic XTR.

How long does it last?

The durability of any coating can be impacted by many factors, such as mileage driven, weather, climate, products used for aftercare and how well the surface was prepared prior to application. In most normal cases Ceramic XTR will provide up to one month of protection.

How will I know when it is time to reapply?

When the car is cleaned and the surface holds water for more than one minute, this is a sign that Ceramic XTR should be reapplied.

What does it protect against?

Ceramic XTR from IMO creates a tough, protective barrier for maximum resistance against the natural environment.

Does it have UV inhibitors?

Not specifically, but it does help to absorb harmful UV rays as it forms an extra protective barrier between the sun’s rays and the paintwork.

Is it ok to apply Ceramic XTR in any weather conditions?

Ceramic XTR from IMO can be applied in most normal weather conditions.


Iain White-Duncan, Marketing Director

[email protected]


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