IMO Car Wash Coulby Newham (Tesco)

IMO Car Wash Coulby Newham (Tesco)

Dalby Way, Coulby Newham, Coulby Newham (MIDDLESBROUGH), TS8 0TW

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  • Attended car wash
  • Hand Pre wash
  • Soft Wash
  • Wax protection
  • Under Chassis wash
  • Dry
  • Valeting services
  • Vacuums

Customer Feedback

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I've been a customer of the IMO for years and recently I've signed up for the unlimited program as well. Very happy with the value for money I get.
Arthur Meddle
I only come here because of the standard that has been set by your guys here, and I won't be going anywhere else based on the job. Well done!
Nicola French
The staff at IMO are extremely polite and friendly. I go on a two week basis and I am extremely satisfied every time.
Nicholas Smith-Coles
Staff are always friendly and remember us.
Magna Allen
The staff were extremely friendly and courteous which was great to see.
Rafiq Majid
The attendants are superb hence I return every week.
Nisar Masood
Customer interaction was very friendly.

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